Monthly Archives: November 2022

2023 Study coming up!

Starting in January, my Wednesday classes will be embarking on a new adventure through the Scriptures as we study the History of Israel.

This group is participating in a deep study into the History of Israel beginning with the Book of Joshua as the Israelites are entering the Promised Land. We will be using various courses and workbooks over the next several years (if the Lord wills) to complete it. The class is online and will meet once a week beginning January 4th. Anyone may join at any time, contact Michelle Fly for details regarding prerequisites and study materials required for this class.

Cornerstone Christian Didn’t Stick

It was a great name. We were all excited. But at the end of the day it was like re-naming your dog during the middle of its life. We all just kept calling our community “Beloved Truth”. So it was changed back. The preview still has the Cornerstone logo. We’ll be getting that fixed shortly.

Next month we are going to be offering a ton of new resources for students and leaders alike. So please join the community at We have free classes, seminars, classes for children, and much, much more.

See you then!