New Women’s Intro to Inductive Bible Study Class

About this event

Have you ever wanted to learn how to study the Bible but didn’t know how to get started? Or started reading it only to lose interest because it didn’t make sense?

This class will show you a method of study that will allow you to have a greater understand of what the Word of God says!

This class is offered at 1:30 pm Pacific Time. It is designed for those who HAVE NEVER STUDIED THE BIBLE IN DEPTH.

Please use to convert to your time zone to see if this class will work for you.

*** If you are looking for a refresher course to hone your skills, I can make some recommendations for classes. Please contact me directly.

Attendance is highly encouraged. It is a short class and each class builds upon the skills learned in the previous class.

Because attendance is so critical to learn the method, every class is recorded for those who meet the criteria to get a recording.

This class is free there is no workbook or guide to purchase.

All worksheets and information are provided at no cost.

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